Sunday, 17 Feb 2019
Category: Online Shopping

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Despite the various scams and pitfalls associated with Internet-based shopping, safe online shopping can be achieved by being informed and taking certain precautions. Some of the risks involved with online shopping also are present in the physical world. For example, someone may steal your credit card information by hacking into the server of an online […]

How Online shopping keeps consumers away from malls

While some malls are operating at 40 per cent occupancy, others are struggling with less than 20 per cent, mainly due to poor location, poor design and poor parking facilities The nationwide growth in smartphone and Internet penetration has fuelled a jump in online shopping, which e-commerce players like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon are tapping […]

Why Online shoppers are losing trust in e-commerce

Users are losing trust in the internet, at least when it comes to online shopping and e-commerce. According to the results of a survey, released on Monday, 49% of people said they are increasingly concerned about their privacy online, and lack of trust is the main issue keeping them from shopping online. The survey, conducted […]